Welcome to the new DogSpots.com

The old website died several weeks ago and proved too much to fix. The underlying code was programmed in my old development environment and it's too tedious and time consuming to get it to work in the latest version. I really wanted to keep using my own code for the website, but I never got around to getting the old code to work.  I thought about starting over, but that was too daunting.  I'd rather spend my time adding content and working on the video game that Isaac and I are working on.  So, this version of the website is using an open source package called BlogEngine.Net. So far everything seems to be working very well.  I'm very happy with it. 

The new site doesn't have a photo album.  All of our pictures are on Flickr now, so I again resisted the temptation to reinvent the wheel and will simply link to that.

I've got a few ideas for some programming articles that I've been meaning to write.  Now that I have someplace to put them again, I'll have more motivation to get working on them.  I've also copied a couple of things from my Facebook notes, so there's actually some content already.

So, let me know what you think.