Promotion and Move

RaleighI’ve  been offered a promotion at the company for which I work.  I’ve been a software developer at Coleman Insights for 13 years working on various software projects as a programmer or designer.

With the promotion, my title is now Director of Technology.  In this new position I will supervise several software projects at the same time as well as manage all technology for the company.

Over the years, I’ve always worked for Coleman from home, first in Dallas, then in New York, then in Dallas again and finally in Brooklyn.  In July, we will move to Raleigh, NC so that I can work from the office.

This is a big move in many ways.  It will be our fifth move in ten years.  This will likely be the first one that Isaac remembers.  He is in the second grade now and will start the third grade this fall in North Carolina.  He will be leaving friends and teachers.

Deb is leaving her job behind and doesn’t have one lined up.  She’s going to take this opportunity to rethink her career and perhaps start a whole new one.  For the time being, she’ll stay home and put our new home together.

I’m sad to be leaving the city I love, New York, and the city I’ve grown to love, Brooklyn.  These places will always be home to me.  I’ll miss my mom and my sister and her family.  I’ll miss the neighbors I’ve come to know in our little corner of Brooklyn, Windsor Terrace. At the same time, I’m excited about all of the new opportunities this move will afford us. 

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