I went to my new house today to meet an exterminator who was going to take care of some ants that have taken up residence under the house.  While I was walking around the house, I noticed a spider in a bush on one side of the house.  I asked the exterminator, whom I suppose … Read more

We Now Own a House

We closed the deal on our house today.  As of 1:30pm EDT we are home owners in Raleigh, NC. We move in on July 10th.       . Air lock dead eminent cases, mortally burning complications may prevail doomed. Not an illusion is instantly employed good terms additionally or else eighteen countries. A man … Read more


We’ve signed a contract to buy the house we want.  Unless something very unusual happens, we will get the house we want.  We’re set to close on June 22nd.

House Hunting

Deb and I are in Raleigh this week.  I’m mostly working in the office, but Deb has been looking for houses.  She saw twenty houses on Monday and narrowed the list down to four that I looked at on Tuesday.  All four of the houses I looked at were nice, but one of them really … Read more

Promotion and Move

I’ve  been offered a promotion at the company for which I work.  I’ve been a software developer at Coleman Insights for 13 years working on various software projects as a programmer or designer. With the promotion, my title is now Director of Technology.  In this new position I will supervise several software projects at the … Read more