More fun with chain letters

I received another chain letter today.  This one was urging people to flood the ACLU offices with Christmas Cards because the ACLU is trying to “take God, Christmas or anything religious away from us.” These kinds of things always get me going and I find it hard to just let them slide.  Chain letters like … Read more


I received one of those political chain letters today.  You know, the kind that takes some article or another, totally misrepresents it and then urges people to “send this to everyone you know”.  These things circulate for years and do nothing other than piss people off. The one I received this morning was about an … Read more

Legalize Gay Marriage?

This started as a simple Facebook status , but for some reason, a Facebook status can only be 420 characters long.  My submission was 628 characters long and when that wasn’t accepted I was forced to move the whole thing here. It all started with a few expressions of disappointment some friends made about Maine … Read more

This American Life #375: Bad Bank

This American Life presents an excellent primer on the current economic crisis.  If you haven’t already listened to this episode of This American Life, listen to it right now!     From the show website: The collapse of the banking system explained, in just 59 minutes. Our crack economics team—the guys who explained the mortgage … Read more

Where Do We Go From Here?

There seems to be three popular plans for dealing with the current economic situation. The plan coming from the right calls for lots of tax cuts. The idea is that the people who receive the tax cuts will use this savings to invest and these investments will spur business growth and this growth will create … Read more