Prospect Park Swans

The swans I wrote about this spring have made the New York Times.  The authors seem to think that the swans being violent is a surprising and new development.  However, my experience is that violent and territorial is standard behavior for these birds when other birds are around. Another thing to note is that the … Read more


I went to my new house today to meet an exterminator who was going to take care of some ants that have taken up residence under the house.  While I was walking around the house, I noticed a spider in a bush on one side of the house.  I asked the exterminator, whom I suppose … Read more

Swan Update

Deb and I went walking in Prospect Park again this morning and purposely walked by the spot where we encountered a gaggle of geese and an irate swan.  This morning there were a few geese, but we were able to see the entire swan family. The cygnets are downright adorable.  Everybody seemed to be in … Read more

Gaggle vs Swan

While Deb and I were walking in Prospect park this morning, we came upon a gaggle of geese that themselves stumbled upon an irate swan defending his nest. The geese seemed to be on the move.  There were mostly goslings in the group with a few adults.  My guess is that they had gone for … Read more