Interview Question – Tic-Tac-Toe

I had a phone interview called a technical screen with a large corporation today.  They have somebody technically literate administer one or more tests to make sure a candidate has the skills required to do a job.  If the candidate does not have the required skills, there is no need to conduct a more personal interview.

The interview went well, but not as well as I had hoped.  To get past this screen, I had to do more than well, I had to do extraordinarily well.

If you’d like all of the technical details, you can read about it on my other blog,

BAM Apps

Hello.  This is my personal website.  If you are here because you are interested in my skills as a software developer or working with me professionally, you are welcome to look around, but please also visit my other site at BAM Apps is a collaboration between me and my good friend, Michael Durling. After … Read more

Presenting Detail Values as Part of the Master – part 3

This is part three of a three part series on working with master-detail data.  In part one I showed how to present detail values on the master using a utility I wrote called the SubPropertyAccessor. In part two I showed how the SubPropertyAccessor works. In this part, I introduce a descendant of DataGridViewColumn that will … Read more

How To – A Run.GPS Widget for BlogEngine.Net

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New Facebook Application – My Playlist

I’ve written a new Facebook application called My Playlist. The application displays a playlist like the one shown here on your profile either on your wall or on your boxes tab.  It works by reading an XML file version of your playlist off of any FTP or WWW server on the internet. The easiest way … Read more

Arithmetic in Generic Classes

I work quite a bit with matrices. I work with them enough that at some point I decided to create my own generic classes for a matrix and a half matrix. Among other things, I wanted my classes to provide a method to calculate the sum of items in a row or column. I immediately … Read more