BAM Apps

Hello.  This is my personal website.  If you are here because you are interested in my skills as a software developer or working with me professionally, you are welcome to look around, but please also visit my other site at BAM Apps is a collaboration between me and my good friend, Michael Durling. After … Read more

Writer’s Block – I need a synonym for “Output Manager”

I’m designing the foundations of a new software system at work that will replace a very large existing system called “Manager Series”.  It was called “Manager Series” because the various parts were called things like “Study Manager”, “Output Manager”, “Library Manager”, etc. One of the things that gives me the most trouble is coming up … Read more

Italian Translator Needed

I have an opportunity to do a small software project for a company in Italy.  My contacts can read and write English, but the language difference is proving to be more of a barrier than I thought.  Unfortunately, I cannot read or write Italian at all. I’m looking for someone who can translate a few … Read more