Welcome to the new DogSpots.com

The old website died several weeks ago and proved too much to fix. The underlying code was programmed in my old development environment and it's too tedious and time consuming to get it to work in the latest version. I really wanted to keep using my own code for the website, but I never got around … Read more

Where Do We Go From Here?

There seems to be three popular plans for dealing with the current economic situation. The plan coming from the right calls for lots of tax cuts. The idea is that the people who receive the tax cuts will use this savings to invest and these investments will spur business growth and this growth will create … Read more

What Are Your Favorite Song Lyrics?

What are your favorite song lyrics? Kevin asked for everone's single favorie song lyric. I offered the first verse of Dylan's Visions of Johanna, but I can't leave it at that. In fact, I prefaced my entry by saying that I would be second guessing it for a week. I've decided to keep track of … Read more

EMail Notify

EMail Notify is a small email client for Windows that will monitor your inbox and send an alert to any e-mail address when new messages arrive.  It has been tested with Exchange Server 2003, but it should work with other servers as well.  It is useful for sending alerts to a cell phone, pager or … Read more