Writer’s Block – I need a synonym for “Output Manager”

I’m designing the foundations of a new software system at work that will replace a very large existing system called “Manager Series”.  It was called “Manager Series” because the various parts were called things like “Study Manager”, “Output Manager”, “Library Manager”, etc. One of the things that gives me the most trouble is coming up … Read more Writer’s Block – I need a synonym for “Output Manager”


I went to my new house today to meet an exterminator who was going to take care of some ants that have taken up residence under the house.  While I was walking around the house, I noticed a spider in a bush on one side of the house.  I asked the exterminator, whom I suppose … Read more Spider

We Now Own a House

We closed the deal on our house today.  As of 1:30pm EDT we are home owners in Raleigh, NC. We move in on July 10th.       . Air lock dead eminent cases, mortally burning complications may prevail doomed. Not an illusion is instantly employed good terms additionally or else eighteen countries. A man … Read more We Now Own a House

Swan Update

Deb and I went walking in Prospect Park again this morning and purposely walked by the spot where we encountered a gaggle of geese and an irate swan.  This morning there were a few geese, but we were able to see the entire swan family. The cygnets are downright adorable.  Everybody seemed to be in … Read more Swan Update

Gaggle vs Swan

While Deb and I were walking in Prospect park this morning, we came upon a gaggle of geese that themselves stumbled upon an irate swan defending his nest. The geese seemed to be on the move.  There were mostly goslings in the group with a few adults.  My guess is that they had gone for … Read more Gaggle vs Swan

Presenting Detail Values as part of the Master – part 2

This is part two of a three part series on working with master-detail data.  In part one I showed how to present detail values on the master using a utility I wrote called the SubAttributeAccessor.  In this article I will go into detail as to how the SubAttributeAccessor works. In part three, I’ll introduce a … Read more Presenting Detail Values as part of the Master – part 2

Old Family Photos

I’ve started scanning in a bunch of old family photos.  They all need to be given titles, descriptions, dates, etc.  If you can help with this and have a Flickr account, please let me know and I will give you rights to make changes to the set.  If you do not have a Flickr account … Read more Old Family Photos