Computer Guru Needed in Brooklyn

Is anybody in the New York area able to do a computer tune-up?  The gig includes fixing up one computer for a small business and is paid work.  It also includes fixing up the PTA computer at a public school and is volunteer work.  Normally, I’d do the work myself, but I’m totally swamped, so … Read more


We’ve signed a contract to buy the house we want.  Unless something very unusual happens, we will get the house we want.  We’re set to close on June 22nd.

House Hunting

Deb and I are in Raleigh this week.  I’m mostly working in the office, but Deb has been looking for houses.  She saw twenty houses on Monday and narrowed the list down to four that I looked at on Tuesday.  All four of the houses I looked at were nice, but one of them really … Read more

Five Favorite Lyrics

What are your favorite song lyrics? Technically, this is a repost.  I’m re-posting it for a number of reasons.  I first put this together when I got on Facebook and everyone was doing lists.  Since then I’ve hooked up with a lot of old friends who might enjoy this.  Also, I much prefer the lists … Read more

Promotion and Move

I’ve  been offered a promotion at the company for which I work.  I’ve been a software developer at Coleman Insights for 13 years working on various software projects as a programmer or designer. With the promotion, my title is now Director of Technology.  In this new position I will supervise several software projects at the … Read more

Bakugan Hustle

Bakugan are action figures and toys based on a show on Cartoon Network.  Each of the action figures has a G power rating that is a number between 200 and 700 and is printed directly on the figure.  The higher the number, the more powerful the figure is in the Bakugan games. The more powerful … Read more

This American Life #375: Bad Bank

This American Life presents an excellent primer on the current economic crisis.  If you haven’t already listened to this episode of This American Life, listen to it right now!     From the show website: The collapse of the banking system explained, in just 59 minutes. Our crack economics team—the guys who explained the mortgage … Read more

New Facebook Application – My Playlist

I’ve written a new Facebook application called My Playlist. The application displays a playlist like the one shown here on your profile either on your wall or on your boxes tab.  It works by reading an XML file version of your playlist off of any FTP or WWW server on the internet. The easiest way … Read more